Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Saturday, 15 January 2011


Sorry I havent been about lately. My Mothers got the old head cancer and its not looking too clever. So by the time ive got back from hospital then fed/bathed my 3 nippers (all under 4) and finally got to sit down I cant think of anything funny to say.
Work on the projects has been put on hold. I did get time to break the Jeep gearbox though so that was nice. I pulled the top off jubbed at the gears with a screwdriver for abit ,put it back together and it only bloody works ! That the beauty of war stuff I guess.
Anyway just hang on and I'll get my shit back on track in a bit. It generally takes alot of shit to get me down so i'll be back to being happy go lucky in no time at all. You know how it is. Dont let the fuckers get to you.