Tuesday, 29 June 2010


For a nervous minute there, I thought I'd run out of cool images to stick on the site. Fear not, the internet is a big place if you're as sad as I am. Here's a funky monkey honda coffin on wheels, I think 'kitsch' is the term.

Monday, 28 June 2010

Back to work...

Well, a crackin' weekend is now done and dusted, and it's back to the poxy grindstone. Bummer.
Just to make our collective minds off day-to-day drudgery, here's a shot or 2 of Mr Alan Shivley's(that's 'Shive-ly') mindblowing honda. Texan sun and cool choppaz rule. How's that for attention to detail? Note the church of choppers points cover, pro-stock zorst, amen frame and tank and well, everything else really.
Regarding the weekend, what a blast. We got a few more shots to show what a good time was had, but really it's just one of those kool things, good company, like minded folk etc. Also great to meet Jesse aka leadsled 68, legendary gearhead and bastardos amigo. Gert some shots of that cafe racer project in, man! The clubhouse was rockin' how it should. Battz again laid on way too much billet, but they do have their own kind of class, for sure, and really know how to put on a show for the masses. Shock of the weekend- Russ Mitchell arriving in a VW Golf! A new direction for exile, maybe? Flat black and fat front tyres?
Man, I don't know how much longer I can go on without a skinny 60s style hardtail in my shed. I need to raise some choppin' bread FAST!!!

Sunday, 27 June 2010

The Battistini open day and LOS BASTARDOS after party.

Man what a top weekend ! The Battistini boys put on a cracking opening to their new premises.Tons of choppers caused havoc to one of Bournemouths main roads and the rozzers couldn't give a toss.It couldn't have been any better.The sun was glorious.The Beautiful Burlesque girls of the KITTY KAT CABARET CLUB put on a tantilizing show topped off with the super silky smooth vocals of MISS ANNIE.What a cracker.Thanks alot to everyone involved ,no one left without a smile.

Then all back to the LOS BASTARDOS clubhouse for our annual shin dig.Masses of booze,good company,fire,food and an absolutely cracking live music set by ROCKING RICH.The night was spot on, I think its safe to say that every fucker there had a top night.Our old mate Trawler made his annual pilgrimage which is always a pleasure.I was hanging the next day but it was worth it.

Next stop the HOT ROD HAYRIDE the BEST bash of the year.Get your tickets quick ! Dont be one of those people who was told how good it was.

Saturday, 26 June 2010

bikes, rods, beer and sunshine

it's that time of year...battastini's open day when los bastardos get together for all the above. time to meet friends old and new, chew the fat and generally forget about grief and have some fun. beers in the clubhouse after, too. if you see us, come and say hello. here's a totally unrelated pic of a flattie motor. one day...

Tuesday, 22 June 2010


pin up goddess

Mate she is looovely.Theres a good chance my wife will read this but shes so fine its worth getting in trouble for ! Whats that you want 2 pics ? YEAAAA DAMN RIGHT MOFO


Come on when you see some geeza chuggin down the road on one of these vintage bobbers they look the nuts.Theres just something about these rides that do it for me.Dont get me wrong I love the skinny bikes.But theres something proper about these babies.
Original paint even better.


Right every other fuckers doing it , so I'll be buggered if Im going to miss out. This my friends is my 'THINGS I'D LIKE TO RIDE' list.

Ok #1 Check out this smooth motherfucker. Nice clean lines,all black thats always a winner.Yea I think they got it just right. I'd be well happy with this.Well done that man.

Monday, 21 June 2010

ledsled customs

Yet more inspiration for me to, as the saying goes, 'chop that frickin' sportster'- some of Ledsled Customs' finest. These guys have really got the knack of giving sporties a tight hotrod look. They clearly like Mooneyes oiltanks a lot, too.

I'll let the pix speak for themselves.

I have a work placement later this week, so will be super-busy and generally stressed to fuck, but will try to keep some output from los bastardos central.

Sunday, 20 June 2010

Where it all began

A few things stick in my mind from when I was a kid- 1st was seeing 5 minutes of Funny Cars on 'World of Sport' with Dickie Davies, and probably 2nd was having a Hot Wheels car in these colours. I can only remember being strangely drawn to these things...nothing changes, I guess.

Saturday, 19 June 2010


thanks to trawler for this shot- it's filler's mercury at wheels day. check the bastardos plaque proudly displayed (proper fixing to come soon!) more to the point said merc is now dropped and ridin' on compressed air...literally. too kool for school, daddy-o. we'll get some proper pix up soon as we can, believe, this mod has TRANSFORMED this car from a mellow stocker to a badass gansta rocker. i guess you can't go wrong lowerering any vehicle (unless it's a period gasser, of course).

on a less impressive note, i managed to track down a new lens for my limpdick light- no need to make up a new ring to hold it, it fits just so, and even harley vibes ain't gonna move it. love an easy fix, right?

can't believe it's battz next week. well fired up for it. gonna have some good times. i just seen their new shop, it really is smart. see ya there?

Thursday, 17 June 2010


More stolen pix. And no, you should definitely NOT put wide billet rims and low profiles on a tri-chevy or any other fine car(or motorcycle). But this art is pretty nice, huh?

On a separate note, how do you like the new look on the blog? The sign-in page has been nagging about these new design templates, so I thought I'd give this one a go. Makes a change, if nothing else.

Filler's merc should be fully air-bagged up by the end of today, as with all these projects, they always take longer and cost more than you plan for. Who'd be a gearhead? I'm fucked, between that and my rediscovered Unofficial England Supporter status, I got no chance. Had a chuckle the other day, heard a guy on TV talking about watching England with his 8-year old son, and described it as a 'grieving process'. That's about right- but tonight I'm down the pub.

Wednesday, 16 June 2010


as promised, here's some more of Rich's Thruxton. He was gonna buy a z750(new one), I take the credit for twisting his arm and getting something that'd suit his rocker style a whole lot better.

As I said, he's done a fair bit to his ride, all outside his gaff by his own hand. Mods include drilled main jets, pod filters and new carb support for the intake, and a tidy pair of Hyde pipes to get it running as strong as a proper cafe should. He tells me he's been stopped by every different unit of rozzers in the Met, and all they wanna know is what pipes he runs to get it sounding so sweet!

Elsewhere, the crowning glory is of course that manx-style tank with monza filler, coupled with a cut-down Scrambler seat and tail unit. I'd say any cafe needs the hump, but knowing Rich, he needs somewhere to carry his gear, cos like I said, this thing gets used a whole lot. Check too those Norton fork gaitors, polished stuff, bar end mirrors and a load of other neat touches.

Thought I'd better say, here at Bastardos we have a LOT of love for the Meriden Triumphs- Dazzer's got a wicked springer'd Bonneville chopper- but the new ones are OK too, if ya give 'em the 'treatment'. And Rich's is treated just fine. Nice work mate, see ya down the Ace!


Some bikes are just 'right', you know what I mean? And Dirty's santee-framed Honda 750/4 SOHC is definitely one of those. This appeared in The Horse a few years ago, and is without doubt one of the best Honda choppers to come out of the States in the recent revival these great motors have had.

If memory serves, that a Santee frame originally destined for an Ironhead with new motor mounts etc, and the engine's been warmed over with the standard wiseco 836 big bore kit. Otherwise just look and lust- everything about this bike is 'just so', it sits right, the lines are killer, there's absolutely no rubbish letting it down. Apart from the fact it ain't in my shed.

Tuesday, 15 June 2010


My old mate Steve THE LADY LOVER sent me this cracking shot. Man that looks like a right laugh, I'd kill to have a go at that. Knowing my luck there'd be a crossing just coming up. You'd have to do it wouldnt you ? Better to be a dead lion than a live dog........or is it the other way round ? Fuck it i'd go for it . If you happen to be riding shot gun well i guess you better hand me another beer or bail cos I aint stoppin ! YEEEEEHAAAAAAAA

hand made in Scotland

Thanks to my old mate Ace Rich from London, who's finally sent me some crackin' shots of his Hinckley Thruxton. He's a rocker through and through, and plays the 6-string like a blind bloke on a Memphis porch.

He's done a load to his ride-to-work trump. This fucker gets used all weathers, and ridden hard too through the capital's congersted streets. I'll get some more pix up later, but just to whet your appetite, here's a taster of the one-off cafe tank unit he had built by the Tank Shop up in the frozen north. It's a beauty, ain't it? Not cheap, but then again, good quality rarely is.

Stay posted for more details to come, in the meantime keep the shiney side up.

Monday, 14 June 2010

This is how...

...they REALLY did stuff back in the 70s
nice, innit? what used loosely to be called a 'hardhead' frame, in the digger/ bay area style that's getting some attention from noted West Coast builders at the moment.

turbo 750 honda from the hondachopper/lowriders by summers archive. chrome and paint that could only come from that era. What a great time to have been around. Anyone remember Ally Pally?


apologies for lack of activity, life has been interrupting the blogging process, normal service will shortly be resumed.

Wednesday, 9 June 2010

bratstyle stylee

i guess we'll never tire of bringing you wicked bratstyle bikes. here's another. nuff said.

chop that frickin' mercury

random merc goodness from google. tho filler's stocker is still nicer.
on another note-summer and my tax disc are finally here! back on the road...tho every time i ride to work it bleedin' pisses down. managed to fix my pesky rear brake switch the other day, the bike proceeded to reward my efforts by deciding to shed the brake light lens. bastard.
also hello to erica from my work, a top bird who is also soon to be proud owner of a beautiful Indian 741. pics to me please erica, sebo_brown@hotmail.com, to share with the bastardos crew, and should you feel the need to include a few of your brother's collection of Springfield's finest, please do so.

Tuesday, 8 June 2010

could be yours

well, it's on ebay at the mo-tidy little 883, got a big bore, nice pipes, gaitors, and I really like that rustoleum look paint. nuffin special, but a good fun bike- maybe not a panhead, who cares?

tweetin' it large #2

my mrs is a bit good at computers n stuff, and knows all about social networking and such. to me, it is cobblers. however, seeing as I'd quite like to get the los bastardos identity 'out there', I'll now be 'tweeting' regularly. we'll see what happens...

soz no pix today, might try and get sumfin up tonight.

twitter adress is losbastardoscc

Monday, 7 June 2010

EXILE at battastinis

you might not think the stuff the batt crew do is exactly bastardos fare- you might be surprised. their open day/mini-show is a right laugh, made even better by the fact that it's about 7 minutes' walk from my gaff. they are, of course, best known for big dollar billet bikes, but they do some tidy bobber-style stuff too.

this always brings a good crowd, from quite a distance too.

we'll be having a few beers, if you wanna come and say hello, drop a line in the comments below.

see ya there.

Saturday, 5 June 2010

BASTARDOS bridge the gap

yeah, whatever. great shot tho', huh?

so, the blog has been a little quiet over the last few days, that'll be because at last my bike is taxed and back on da blacktop. There's something about the sporty- even when I first got it, and it was a ghastly salmon pink wide barred monstrosity, I'd wake up at 5am on a schoolday and just want to hit the road and ride. Nuffin's changed- you can't beat turning a 20 minute ride to work into 3/4 hr.

Tuesday, 1 June 2010


Ok Ok so I havent put much time in for a while and have been letting SEB aka THE LAWMAN carry all the weight.But I can live with that.
The Mercury airbagging project is well under way thanks to my mate Flander (The airbag Yoda).Only a few problems with the wrong bits getting set over from the good old U.S of A. I would have been on the road last week ready to showcase the Bournemouth Ink tattoo convension if it wasnt for those DAMN YANKS ! But thats always how it goes when you need something to a deadline.Anyway it'll get there soon enough now theres no rush.

This is Flanders daily driver.......SWEEEET.

Right Im off to collect an Airstream from the docks if anyone is interested ? Let me know and I'll send you some pics.

Whats the difference between PMT and BSE ?

One attacks the cows brain and sends it fucking mental and the other is some kind of farming problem.