Sunday, 29 November 2009

My first pony

Sorry, should be 'chopper'...or at least 'hardtail' if you want to get really fussy. So, this was my original dream bike, in as much as like a lot of us, I guess, I had this idea about finding a long-lost neglected beauty at the back of a shed which I'd turn into a show-winning cover bike that went like a dragster. Well, I achieved the last bit, cos it would only run for a quarter of a mile before needing something to be rebuilt.

It was originally built by a one-time HA Kent prospect called Cliff, who I knew from the ambulance service in London, and had indeed been left to fester for about 10 years. I saw it in all its rusted glory and had to have it. It took about 5 years to end up at the stage I took these pix -shortly before selling it of course- where it was approaching being a decent roadbike. Best bits were the twin mikuni setup, and a few NOS and original 1970s parts I got through the excellent I did get a lot of fun building the chop, and learnt a lot about wiring, painting, and general assembly/repair, mostly that it all takes bleedin' ages. I'd definitely like to do another, maybe a more out-and out west coast style bobber with mini tank, crossplies, better seat, mooneyes oiltank, we'll see. Hope ya like it anyhow.

Friday, 27 November 2009


You've been waiting long gives me great pleasure to preview and introduce the Bastardos interior design guide. Now you too can 'get the look' not only on your 'sickle' but on your 'gaff' too...L-A-R-G-E!
Watch and learn...'flaked-out vintage cooler-check; shinko double whitewall repro crossply-check; original Bell helmet bag-check; naff 'hawaiian iron' wallpaper DOUBLE FRICKIN' MOFO CHECK
Are we good to you lot or what? I'm off to see if I can get that old tennis poster of the bird scratching her arse...

Monday, 23 November 2009

MORE bleedin' sporties?

OK, OK, that's enough sporties for the mo...this isn't supposed to be a xl-blog after all. This is my very own pride and joy 89 4-speed evo, and is a cracker if i say so myself. Details, of course, will follow, suffice to say my neighbour had quite a hand in turning the ghastly luggage-laden lump into the skinny delight you see before you.

On another note...I've noticed the tone getting somewhat Americanised lately- this will be corrected accordingly.

Wednesday, 18 November 2009

My bad

Hmmm, that sporty in the pic below has been around for a here's a fresh one from the crazy orange site. As you can see, they definitely got a formula! I guess if it works, why screw with it? Whatever, it's a great style, and I'll be putting a few other shots up from their site from time to time. I better come out- I am a sportster nut, and have been pretty much always. Seems to me the humble xl is really coming into its own at the moment. Some have even called it the 'new shovel', which is probably going a little far; what it is and always has been is a great package that looks and goes great, needs as little or as much custom work as you want, and is affordable to the working guy.

Tuesday, 17 November 2009

only a stock tartster

OK- I did say it's our intention at Los Bastardos to feature only our stuff, and our friends' stuff too...but I will be making the odd exception, and this is one. It's hardly news that some of the nicest stuff on the planet is coming out of Japan, and when it comes to Sporties, Crazy Orange are the nutz. From what I've googled and stumbled across on the web, there really seems to be a 'Tokyo style' of these bikes; Bratstyle were probably the first, and among the best-known, but there's plenty of other great builders too. Personally, I love the cut 'n' shut peanut-tank look, tyre-hugging rear guard, cut-down bates-ish seat, and just enuff hotrod touches to add suitable class. Best of all, though the devil is of course in the detail (and finish, more accurately),building a bike of this ilk ain't exactly beyond the skills-or dreams- of most backyard enthusiasts.

More of Darren's Triumph

Photography 101- Ensure background is as cluttered as possible. Try to avoid contrast between subject and background. Make sure you miss out various parts; half the back end is good. Have a stella or 3, and you're done! Suffice to say, I'll be trying harder to do justice to the subject matter in future.

Nice bike though, huh?

An email with specs/history/original anecdotes would be nice Daz, I'll cut and paste it straight up on the blog so everyone (er, that'll be Trawler) can see it.

Monday, 16 November 2009

Nuff teazin' #2

Cue hackneyed 'no words necessary' type line, but when you got the holy trinity of bolt on hardtail, built trump mill and springer fork, they're not. Also dig the ruby 'flake...but don't dig the apes, risers, rear fender, engine mounts, battery box or oiltank, because they're all going in the bin soon as time etc permits. As snoop would say, dat shizzle is da chitnick mofackey. Updates on the Los Bastardos World System coming soon as the spanners start to turn.

Friday, 13 November 2009

Nuff teazin'

Title says it all..let's have some proper shots of Bastardos rides and bikes. Check out Darren's supersweet Mercury, I've been for a ride in this thing and can tell you it really is like stepping back in time. She's cherry, and pretty much unmolested by amateur 'customizers' and other such glue sniffers. Lots more detail shots in the pipeline, stay tuned.

Wednesday, 11 November 2009

New look, new pix

At last, worldwide Bastardos followers, I bring you the fruit of a night's labours round the clubhouse. Finally, the son and heir of which I've dreamed...I jest of course, but at last not only have we got a few shots of Dazzer's assorted toy collection and the garage, but they're actually on my computer.
So here ya go...still working on the artistic photographic composition,but it's a start. Plenty more where these come from. Keep checking back, cos there should be more happening on the blog in the near future.
To today's pic...nice lump, huh? There is categorically no engine on this planet more pleasing to the eye than Edward Turner's seminal parallel twin. And this one, sitting as it does in Dazzer's 70s-style chopper, ain't just a looker, either. Leaks hardly a drop, sounds proper, and goes like a train. More details to follow- I won't insult you with my half-arsed guesses as to year and model it is etc.