Wednesday, 29 December 2010


Thats one of the things I miss from before I had the simply stupid and dangerous fucking about. Its all just a laugh.

Rock and roll


Sunday, 26 December 2010


Check out "THE BASTARDS" new staff car.
A real life 1942 WWII JEEP fucking excellent ! BIG ERN ,PETE aka the MAGICIAN, THE MESSIAH, BRUNO the dog model it off pretty well. This baby is going to be our little work horse for fucking about in...perfect. Ive alway dug these since I was a nipper. Its mental to drive ,its all or nothing .Let the clutch up and hold on. Its still got all the radio kit in it and it only blood expect some "BROAD SWORD CALLING DANNY BOY". Looking forward to taking the cover off and putting the windscreen down and eating some flies. Still better than eating NAZI lead I guess.

Friday, 10 December 2010


Heres a couple of likely lads checking out one of the sweetest rides at this years HAYRIDE.
Lovely little 5 window,chopped and channeled with in a inch of its life. I think theyve got it just right. This may have been my favorite of the weekend.Sits just perfect.
Do you know who owns it ? I want to pick their brains about patina protection.

Tuesday, 7 December 2010


They say that a picture paints a thousand words, well I think this is one of those moments.

I came home from work to find our son had smashed the TV with his Wii remote ! "Did he have the strap on ?" I asked my wife, "no i thought i'd let you punish him" she said.

Sunday, 5 December 2010

Jeff Decker's Lair - Part Two

I have the upmost respect for this fella. Man what a collection.


Check this out.

Saturday, 4 December 2010


You may not be aware but 80% of the BASTARDOS are dedicated surfers of the ol' school variety. One particular offender being Guy aka THE MESSIAH.
Now Guy is unstable on land but quite the opposite on the wet stuff and is also a highly respected member of the surfing community.Getting involved in all kinds. He is also a major part is the 'CAMPBELL BROTHERS' surfboards resistence group being their spokes person and man incharge of the europe connections. His part goes under the name of HOUSE OF BONZER and has started a blog. Check him out and maybe throw him some support in the keeping of '70's style board design alive and well. He sings their praises and lets face it ,if anyone knows it would be him. If you want a genuine BONZER board THE MESSIAH can sort that dream out for you ,kind of like a JIM'LL FIX IT / JESUS type character only shadier.
Hes on our supported blogs go see.

Friday, 3 December 2010


Check these Stacks out. Ive alway had a bit of a thing for them and Ive always wanted to do a build with some monsters, but im in two minds and want to know what you think ? When I started out with the '31 Tudor build it was going to be a proper traditional rod. But things are starting to swing more towards a '60's FREELOADER, What with the blower and that.Its all getting mighty tall .Now Ive got these stacks ,they pretty big and im not sure if they look GT40ish as they are or I should just say fuck it and stretch them by 8-10's and have them higher that the roof line. Just go fully wildman on her. After all theres no such thing as being TOO tall when youre talking stacks. So what do you reckon ? Go ape shit or what.
Talking of Monkey men my mate Trawler has graced us with a joke that doesnt involve me :
My racing snail was losing races, so I took his shell off to make him more aerodynamic !
If anything its made him more sluggish !!!


Trawler and Mary deside to try a 69.
Trawler has never done one before so Mary says she show him.
She tell him to lie down on the floor and she squats over him.
As she lowers herself onto his face she farts, apologising she tries again but farts again.
Trawler jumps up and storms out shouting " I'll be buggered if Im going to hang around for another 67 of them".

Fluff with ink my favorite.