Friday, 29 January 2010


I got the scoop on Trawler has blessed the humble bastardos breddren with a sneak pic of where his shovel's at right now. He wants some advice on the seat. Whaddya think, gang? It's gotta be something rad to go with that loopy back fender, that's for sure.

And another thing...I saw a post about 'bikerblogs' on chop cult, and sent 'em a link. Just puttin' the word out there. Peace! And thanks to bikerblogs for taking the time to put all his stuff together. respect is due.

Tuesday, 26 January 2010


I totally forgot ! Ive only gone and ordered my airbags for the Merc.Yeaaaaaaa geeza.Im gonna be draging that old arse around.Never fitted a set before so this should be good.Postage from the States is abit on the steep side so lets hope I dont get man raped by British customs.Ive been looking forward to sorting this for years.

As for the rest of the Merc In not going to chop it as they pretty much all seem to be chopped nowaday.Its getting rare to see an unchopped one.I think im going to put on the NOS sunvisor ive got and go all hispanic on her.Which ever way it turns out '49 Mercs just look so fucking rad.


Happy hangover

Here Lads

I'd just like to say a big thank you for suprising me on my birthday man that was great.I dont think I can look a bottle of rum in the face for sometime.LOS BASTARDOS mentalists and booze what a great combination.Cheers

CASTING !!!! Right we're nearly there ,we got everything apart from the sand.But thats been ordered so save me a space in that hospital bed cos Im a coming.Probably on fire.

This weekend Im going to test my homemade blow torch .So i'll be expecting to roll around on the floor quite abit .

Now that Im ready to cast I cant find any ali to save my bloody life now thats got to be sod law.

Check this sled its one of my fav's

Saturday, 23 January 2010

I need sum new pix!

Do we ever...apologies from Los Bastardos world system for the lack of fresh images lately. A proper website is in the pipeline- the blog will remain for real-time updates- and in the meantime I shall be turning up on unsuspecting members' doorsteps armed with the trusty digital camera. That's a lie, I will call 1st, honest.
Just to keep you interested, here's another glance at Daz's sweet Trump. No work done lately, too cold, too much shit goin' on, yadda yadda...check out the bad taste badge on the title pic, reminds you of yer dodgy uncle who spends all day watching the History (Hitler?) channel...anti-social is always kool tho'...

Sunday, 17 January 2010


Yes indeed; Filler has hit the big 4-0. (that's four oh, not four nil) nice one, bro. And did the bastardos let it pass without mention and let a brother go quietly into the night?
That was never gonna happen. So the boys were back in town, drink flowed and blood spilled, and if the boys wanna fight yo better let'em. Guy 'the sugar rat' and his brother big Ern aka 'the doc' charmed our respective wives with their repartee, gorgeous Gary as ever IS Mike the cool one from the Young Ones, and Eddy the fish showed up late then made amends with stories and larfs well into the night. A toast was drunk to Trawler rider. You're in, brother...just remember it's 'blood in, blood out', the only way amigo. We your family now. Darren did what he does best, necking pizza, beer and rum like a man who'll hang at dawn.
It's gonna be a long hot summer peoples, and los bastardos will be all over the south coast. Watch out too for some cool stuff from bastardo Guy, life-long rodder, jail-house lawyer and 'sugar bear' fan, who's going to bring a little surf flavour to the blog. Preach on, brother.

Sunday, 10 January 2010

Well well look what the cat dragged in !

Ok so here it is Im another member of the now Legendary LOS BASTARDOS and Seb has been hassling me to put my piece in.So after much dragging of feet,crying and basically playing dead he has talked me into it.This is a first for me and I have be known to talk the odd bit of bollocks so I should fit right in.

You must have seen all the Kustom clubs showing of their gang related plaques.Well after an evening of much alcohol abuse we all desided that we too should be showing our colours.Yes there are companies who specialize in making these gang plaques,Yes their prices are very reasonable, yes they will do a cracking job in both design and build.Any gearhead would be proud to hang one of these top quality plaques from their rides.But here in LOS BASTARDOS we say "FUCK THAT SHIT,WE'RE GOING TO MAKE OUR OWN".I mean after all we no experience in casting and as for design well read them and weep I got a CSE in art back in the mid 80's.I think you will agree that obviously we're going to be naturals.Well when I say "we" I mean actually mean "me" as some how in the drunken haze I seem to have volunteered myself as the "GIVE ME THAT MALTEN METAL BLOKE WITH 3RD DEGREE BURNS".Oh yea theres nothing finer than stupidity and malten metal.Its a match made in heaven.
So after hours of scribling I finally came up with a design.It was an empty bottle of Tequilla ,LOS BASTARDOS in a mexican font and at the bottom a smoking gun.Excellent so next was the making off a template,I tried wood no good,next stone which was way too hard,I was starting to lose the will too live.Theres only so many times I can draw something out before I deside to go and do something else.Ended up making one out of clay and cutting it back to just LOS BASTARDOS.I love the whole tequilla / gun bit but maybe we should walk before we run.So im saving that one for a few casts down.So Ive now latexed that template ,pured hot wax in it and I am waiting for the wax cast to cool as we speak.Maybe paying someone to do it might have been the wiser move.But here at LOS BASTARDOS our glass of ignorance is over flowing so we're back to the whole "FUCK THAT" bit.
The big malten metal night should be coming soon if I can figure out how to do it and the sand imprint works out right.So fingerscrossed and I'll let you know how it goes..
Ive also been tricked into doing a "WHOS WHO WHOS RIDE"in the LOS BASTARDOS .But that will have to wait for now.But I am on it lads so back off you gay boys