Thursday, 22 October 2009

Project time

First time I met trawler, he was on about building a shovel-engined project. I put it down to the beer talking- he was already on his second pint- but lo and behold, what should appear in my inbox than this little cracker. He even added some daydreams, sorry plans for the project...

home made attack bars
chrome shock covers and lowered rear end
leather seat without springs - (not needed)
Kicker only to save cost on electrics. brass kicker pedal
mini egg tank with spider web lace work probably back over to Blue moon Kustoms.
Keep the mag wheels with a pin stripe to the rim edge.
bobtail fender on back chopped back to about 6 inches long
front forks are staying but with the lugs and crap shaved off.
4.5 inch bates style front light.

does he get it or what? other plans include an open belt, trick carb and firestone crossplies. (bro, check out justified defiance for good prices on repro hoops, made by chengshin but still kool).

Tuesday, 20 October 2009

Bastardos tweetin' it LARGE

Great news for the worldwide brotherhood of Los Bastardos followers...that's Dazzer and Trawler if yer still out there...we've now joined the twitter revolution, so everyone will be able to keep up with whatever exciting stuff we're up to. or something.

Also, apologies for recent lack of activity on the blog. More to come soon, honest guv.

Here's the twitter link

Friday, 9 October 2009

More of the ol' gal...

Another pic of the ols Honda mobile coffin-in-waiting... check out some of the details..that's the first (I think) Cycle Exchange twin mikuni carb setup in the UK (this was 2004), as used by Richard from Skullchoppers. Personally, I never got the buggers to run that well, til it was dialled-in on a dyno, at which point it went like a rocket. I'll always remember the dyno guy, somewhat taken aback at the smoking and oil-dripping thing before him, dryly saying 'Your bike appears to be on fire mate'.

Also, that's an original 1970s Santee electrics box, and a nice one-off stainless box to hold the scooter battery. It actually worked pretty well with the kicker, til a fried alternator caused one of those regular 'lost interest' periods. Those are proper Mac 4:4 drag pipes, just like they had when the only 'kit bike' you could buy was a honda, triumph or sporty.

Do I miss the old girl? Sometimes...but the Sportster's causing enough trouble to keep me occupied. Should have a nice crossply on the back to match the deathmaster, otherwise just savin' for my air cleaner, 'flake seat and Moon finned points cover.

Stay tuned for more updates as I get 'em...sunmissions always welcome, Trawler has sent me some great pics, including one of his new Shovel project, complete with planned spec sheet/wish list. What's in your shed?

Monday, 5 October 2009

Givin' the dawg a bone

(Dogbones, geddit?) Continuing the theme of dodgy 80s metal song's a sneak pic of my old Honda 750/4 chopper riser set-up. I loved that bike and it repaid me by making me poor. Sound familiar? You can see how much I enjoy polishing, and I beg your forgiveness for the rubbish red bars. More to come soon.

Uber bastardos Darren has had a mighty whinge on the comments section on the previous post. In answer to your question, yes mate, I do make most of this up as I go along.

Club news...our die-cast plques are in the pipeline- should be good. Keep your eyes peeled for 'em if yer down sarf coast way, they' ll only be on the lowest and finest rides.

Friday, 2 October 2009

runnin' free

i'm runnin' free, i'm runnin' free spoke the mighty bruce 'air raid siren' dickinson of NWOBHM (that's as in the 'new wave of brit heavy metal')heroes Iron Maiden...and here, completely unconnected, is a cracking pic of our mate trawler on his flyrite-framed sportster masterpiece. i've seen this bike close up and can tell you it rocks. it was originally built by boneshakers, who in all fairness did a fine job.the crowning glory has got to be the mindblowing blue moon customs paint on the tank, but there's so many kool details you wouldn't believe it. you'll be seeing more from trawler on los bastardos, and why not have a look at his own blog, trawler-rider.

so wot's up with the club, i hear you ask? all going well we'll be giving you a sly peep into our dark world (aka dazzer's shed), and a look at some of our cars and bikes, started with the man's 51 mercury (genuine 56k miles, can you believe that?) and his tasty 'flaked-out trumpet. there'll be no detail shots of all the ghastly billet, honest darren...