Sunday, 17 January 2010


Yes indeed; Filler has hit the big 4-0. (that's four oh, not four nil) nice one, bro. And did the bastardos let it pass without mention and let a brother go quietly into the night?
That was never gonna happen. So the boys were back in town, drink flowed and blood spilled, and if the boys wanna fight yo better let'em. Guy 'the sugar rat' and his brother big Ern aka 'the doc' charmed our respective wives with their repartee, gorgeous Gary as ever IS Mike the cool one from the Young Ones, and Eddy the fish showed up late then made amends with stories and larfs well into the night. A toast was drunk to Trawler rider. You're in, brother...just remember it's 'blood in, blood out', the only way amigo. We your family now. Darren did what he does best, necking pizza, beer and rum like a man who'll hang at dawn.
It's gonna be a long hot summer peoples, and los bastardos will be all over the south coast. Watch out too for some cool stuff from bastardo Guy, life-long rodder, jail-house lawyer and 'sugar bear' fan, who's going to bring a little surf flavour to the blog. Preach on, brother.

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  1. Happy birthday Bud.
    Keep that clubhouse floor clean for me this summer!