Saturday, 1 October 2011


Right here it is this years winters project .OOooooh I hear you say. Yes Im pretty chuft with myself this year . Ive managed to get my grubby hands on a 1931 Roadster in original paint ! All I had to do was sell the wife and kids. A fair price for that illusive patina. lets face it i can always have more but original paint is getting harder to find.

The old boy who I got it from had driven it to work regularly since the 50's. Now its come half way round the world for me to spill some of my creative juices on it.

I bunged a pair of 750's on to to see how it looked.I was thinking of running steels but what its running doesnt have an inch of paint on and you just can fake that. just dont know how they will handle the flathead planned. Maybe even blown !

Anyway this is it stage #1. A valuable piece of kit about to be cut up ! Surviving 80 years only to end up in the hands of the LOS BASTARDOS degenerates. Shame really but thats life I guess. After all she will LIVE AGAIN ! But this time considerably faster and cooler.

Ive got some good ideas for this one and if all goes well should be a cracker.

I'll go though those plans at a later date.

****Ive found wanking with a plastic bag over my head can be very rewarding. Just this time maybe not in Tescos !*****

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