Monday, 25 October 2010


Yo yo yo MoThErFuCkInG ho its that time of year again lads...WINTER PROJECT time. Get that money ,some creative juices, a hand full of blag, a chunk of fluke ,push it as close to a marriage break up as possible, then a little bit further and fingerscrossed it comes out wild. I've always had a hard on for original paint so this little gem was a tissue grabba. Actually branching off quickly does anyone have any new ideas on how to presevre this ? I dont want sticky but most of all I dont want shiny.I have all the usual stuff but they all have their drawbacks.Any new ideas then lads ?

Ive got some trick shit on their way and Im full of stooopid ideas. I'll keep you informed on all triumphs and fuck ups.The LOS BASTARDOS lads are all stepping up to help out,BIG ERN, THE MAGICIAN (Pete ) and some distractions,moral support and blessings from THE MESSIAH.
So shit here we go again. Get Tudors wrong and they look like a sack of wank but get them right and they look fucking radio rental.First off the strip down of the 255 Merc flathead which is going push this GILF a long.NEXT TIME FOLKS:Trick bits

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