Saturday, 2 October 2010

Workshop space

Yeah, it's pretty boring I know, but at last I got me garage cleared out. It's only been 3 years now! Well, it's not strictly mine, as my neighbour kindly lets me use it. Anyway, you should have seen it before, I could hardly fit the bike in for garden furniture, rusted DIY detritus, cobweb colony, and about 60 pots of shit paint. 2 trips to the tip later, and I got meself a sorted workspace, light and working wall socket- result. Look carefully in the back right of the pic, and you'll see a built-in workbench, needs a little remedial work, but a good place for the wicked old proper vice I got off the father-in-law. Now I just need a little time...


  1. you call that cleared out Seb, he obviously wanted to hang on to the garden furniture! I think I've got more room in my kitchen (workshop)

  2. actually the chairs come in handy for the bastardos summer bar-b-q (pizza n beer session more like)! seriously bro, you should have seen it b4...