Monday, 19 September 2011


Alright alright so Im back. So no bloody moaning or I'll fuck off again !

Im starting to sort out this years winter project so I thought I might list it on here again.

the blogs wont be coming so regular just when I have something to show you or have some bollocks to blab about.

Anyway fuck all that . Thats for later.

Heres a photo of my first born Finn aged 4. I love this pic of him as I think his face says it all about his personality. BLOODY TROUBLE ! He loves the cars....from sleds to rods. If im out in the clubhouse hes more than happy to fuck around in what ever he can climb into. Really reminds me of when I was a kid.

9 times out of 10 if one of the cars wont start it will be cos hes been upto mischeif in it. Lights left on or hitting the airbags. I pretty much have a battery on charge all the time.

Cant be mad cos I love that about him.When I look over and hes ripping up a drag strip in that imagination of his it makes my heart fly.

Theres no question of him being a biker or rodder when he's moneys on rods. He's a handsome lad just like his dad.

Finn my boy you can leave the lights on when ever you like.

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