Friday, 23 September 2011


Since my disappearance earlier this year I have gone though a few motors. check some of these out.

The '53 New Yorker was cracking motor. Sunkissed paint and a Hemi doesnt get much better than that . Simple cut springs and a fresh set of rims and whitewalls.Infact this ride reignited my love for cut springs. Airbags are starting to be a pain in the arse.

Me and some of the Bovver Boys left early to go to Wheels day. Tried to sneak out without waking the neighbours. Hemi set off all the car alarms in the street ! Yeeeeah nice.

I kept thinking how the fuck can the neighbours be pissy with something that sounds so sweeet. Ya know what I mean ?

Has anyone else noticed the hazzards of a coughing fit while trying to hold in a shit ?

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  1. That car is cool. Once had a shitting fit that stopped my cough!