Saturday, 4 December 2010


You may not be aware but 80% of the BASTARDOS are dedicated surfers of the ol' school variety. One particular offender being Guy aka THE MESSIAH.
Now Guy is unstable on land but quite the opposite on the wet stuff and is also a highly respected member of the surfing community.Getting involved in all kinds. He is also a major part is the 'CAMPBELL BROTHERS' surfboards resistence group being their spokes person and man incharge of the europe connections. His part goes under the name of HOUSE OF BONZER and has started a blog. Check him out and maybe throw him some support in the keeping of '70's style board design alive and well. He sings their praises and lets face it ,if anyone knows it would be him. If you want a genuine BONZER board THE MESSIAH can sort that dream out for you ,kind of like a JIM'LL FIX IT / JESUS type character only shadier.
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  1. Luv the article - The Messiah is a cool cat. Great to see his projects coming to life, he desreves it man. Known that cat for years and highly respect the dude. His Bro Big Ern is the shit and just as cool. The 46 pickup boys is comin along slow but steady in the panel shop. We just got too much other stuff happening like clients cars blah blah but will get back to it when we can. Will get pics out soon. As always, the waves are pumping down here. "Peace out" from New Zealand (Toot toot Timbo)