Friday, 2 October 2009

runnin' free

i'm runnin' free, i'm runnin' free spoke the mighty bruce 'air raid siren' dickinson of NWOBHM (that's as in the 'new wave of brit heavy metal')heroes Iron Maiden...and here, completely unconnected, is a cracking pic of our mate trawler on his flyrite-framed sportster masterpiece. i've seen this bike close up and can tell you it rocks. it was originally built by boneshakers, who in all fairness did a fine job.the crowning glory has got to be the mindblowing blue moon customs paint on the tank, but there's so many kool details you wouldn't believe it. you'll be seeing more from trawler on los bastardos, and why not have a look at his own blog, trawler-rider.

so wot's up with the club, i hear you ask? all going well we'll be giving you a sly peep into our dark world (aka dazzer's shed), and a look at some of our cars and bikes, started with the man's 51 mercury (genuine 56k miles, can you believe that?) and his tasty 'flaked-out trumpet. there'll be no detail shots of all the ghastly billet, honest darren...


  1. Hey Seb
    You just won yourself a punch in the nuts.
    Well my friend here I am working on the gang plaque (which is turning out to be a major pain in the arse)and all im getting is stick.Im so proud that im a member of a gang where people really know their shit.....Its a '49 Mercury mate with 45K on it.Do you just make all this info up in your head or what ? As for the comment about billet make that two punchs in the nuts.I mean you wouldnt want me to say about the time you were going to fit struts but desided to go for shocks because you didnt like it being too bumpy or that you put your front mudguard back on because you were scared that a little stone may hit you in the face....yes you are really living the dream there my friend.
    Like I said I am sooo proud.
    Anyway I have PLENTY of more ammo on you if needed.Is this the game you want to play...let hope not.
    Let me say a big welcome to the one and only Trawler. Plymouths answer to Leo Sayer in hot pants.Its always a pleasure my friend.
    The gang is getting bigger all the time and we are well over due a piss up in the clubhouse.

  2. Leo Sayer was the first gig I ever went to. My cruel dad took me and It was shit. His screeching hurt my tender young ears!

    Dont be too hard on Seb he's trying, the transition from crayons to a keyboard can sometimes be a slow one.