Thursday, 22 October 2009

Project time

First time I met trawler, he was on about building a shovel-engined project. I put it down to the beer talking- he was already on his second pint- but lo and behold, what should appear in my inbox than this little cracker. He even added some daydreams, sorry plans for the project...

home made attack bars
chrome shock covers and lowered rear end
leather seat without springs - (not needed)
Kicker only to save cost on electrics. brass kicker pedal
mini egg tank with spider web lace work probably back over to Blue moon Kustoms.
Keep the mag wheels with a pin stripe to the rim edge.
bobtail fender on back chopped back to about 6 inches long
front forks are staying but with the lugs and crap shaved off.
4.5 inch bates style front light.

does he get it or what? other plans include an open belt, trick carb and firestone crossplies. (bro, check out justified defiance for good prices on repro hoops, made by chengshin but still kool).


  1. Just got a bill for £1100 in engine and gearbox parts and final refurb.
    Blue Moon is stoked to be doing my paint and I have just spent £400 on various e-bay parts.

    This bike will be around £9k when done.
    this shit aint cheap!

  2. dammit man, did you not see i carefully edited out any financial details lest your mrs see!!!

    top work tho' mate, can't wait to see it.