Monday, 5 October 2009

Givin' the dawg a bone

(Dogbones, geddit?) Continuing the theme of dodgy 80s metal song's a sneak pic of my old Honda 750/4 chopper riser set-up. I loved that bike and it repaid me by making me poor. Sound familiar? You can see how much I enjoy polishing, and I beg your forgiveness for the rubbish red bars. More to come soon.

Uber bastardos Darren has had a mighty whinge on the comments section on the previous post. In answer to your question, yes mate, I do make most of this up as I go along.

Club news...our die-cast plques are in the pipeline- should be good. Keep your eyes peeled for 'em if yer down sarf coast way, they' ll only be on the lowest and finest rides.

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