Friday, 9 October 2009

More of the ol' gal...

Another pic of the ols Honda mobile coffin-in-waiting... check out some of the details..that's the first (I think) Cycle Exchange twin mikuni carb setup in the UK (this was 2004), as used by Richard from Skullchoppers. Personally, I never got the buggers to run that well, til it was dialled-in on a dyno, at which point it went like a rocket. I'll always remember the dyno guy, somewhat taken aback at the smoking and oil-dripping thing before him, dryly saying 'Your bike appears to be on fire mate'.

Also, that's an original 1970s Santee electrics box, and a nice one-off stainless box to hold the scooter battery. It actually worked pretty well with the kicker, til a fried alternator caused one of those regular 'lost interest' periods. Those are proper Mac 4:4 drag pipes, just like they had when the only 'kit bike' you could buy was a honda, triumph or sporty.

Do I miss the old girl? Sometimes...but the Sportster's causing enough trouble to keep me occupied. Should have a nice crossply on the back to match the deathmaster, otherwise just savin' for my air cleaner, 'flake seat and Moon finned points cover.

Stay tuned for more updates as I get 'em...sunmissions always welcome, Trawler has sent me some great pics, including one of his new Shovel project, complete with planned spec sheet/wish list. What's in your shed?

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