Wednesday, 11 November 2009

New look, new pix

At last, worldwide Bastardos followers, I bring you the fruit of a night's labours round the clubhouse. Finally, the son and heir of which I've dreamed...I jest of course, but at last not only have we got a few shots of Dazzer's assorted toy collection and the garage, but they're actually on my computer.
So here ya go...still working on the artistic photographic composition,but it's a start. Plenty more where these come from. Keep checking back, cos there should be more happening on the blog in the near future.
To today's pic...nice lump, huh? There is categorically no engine on this planet more pleasing to the eye than Edward Turner's seminal parallel twin. And this one, sitting as it does in Dazzer's 70s-style chopper, ain't just a looker, either. Leaks hardly a drop, sounds proper, and goes like a train. More details to follow- I won't insult you with my half-arsed guesses as to year and model it is etc.

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