Sunday, 29 November 2009

My first pony

Sorry, should be 'chopper'...or at least 'hardtail' if you want to get really fussy. So, this was my original dream bike, in as much as like a lot of us, I guess, I had this idea about finding a long-lost neglected beauty at the back of a shed which I'd turn into a show-winning cover bike that went like a dragster. Well, I achieved the last bit, cos it would only run for a quarter of a mile before needing something to be rebuilt.

It was originally built by a one-time HA Kent prospect called Cliff, who I knew from the ambulance service in London, and had indeed been left to fester for about 10 years. I saw it in all its rusted glory and had to have it. It took about 5 years to end up at the stage I took these pix -shortly before selling it of course- where it was approaching being a decent roadbike. Best bits were the twin mikuni setup, and a few NOS and original 1970s parts I got through the excellent I did get a lot of fun building the chop, and learnt a lot about wiring, painting, and general assembly/repair, mostly that it all takes bleedin' ages. I'd definitely like to do another, maybe a more out-and out west coast style bobber with mini tank, crossplies, better seat, mooneyes oiltank, we'll see. Hope ya like it anyhow.

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