Friday, 27 November 2009


You've been waiting long gives me great pleasure to preview and introduce the Bastardos interior design guide. Now you too can 'get the look' not only on your 'sickle' but on your 'gaff' too...L-A-R-G-E!
Watch and learn...'flaked-out vintage cooler-check; shinko double whitewall repro crossply-check; original Bell helmet bag-check; naff 'hawaiian iron' wallpaper DOUBLE FRICKIN' MOFO CHECK
Are we good to you lot or what? I'm off to see if I can get that old tennis poster of the bird scratching her arse...


  1. What's in the refridgerator?
    6 bottles of Cristal and some big pimping Crunk juice!

  2. Crunk juice all over the place.Makes you go blind for a couple of days and piss blood.Aaaah fucking lovely