Tuesday, 17 November 2009

only a stock tartster

OK- I did say it's our intention at Los Bastardos to feature only our stuff, and our friends' stuff too...but I will be making the odd exception, and this is one. It's hardly news that some of the nicest stuff on the planet is coming out of Japan, and when it comes to Sporties, Crazy Orange are the nutz. From what I've googled and stumbled across on the web, there really seems to be a 'Tokyo style' of these bikes; Bratstyle were probably the first, and among the best-known, but there's plenty of other great builders too. Personally, I love the cut 'n' shut peanut-tank look, tyre-hugging rear guard, cut-down bates-ish seat, and just enuff hotrod touches to add suitable class. Best of all, though the devil is of course in the detail (and finish, more accurately),building a bike of this ilk ain't exactly beyond the skills-or dreams- of most backyard enthusiasts.

1 comment:

  1. Doing a Sportster that is close to stock but still cool is very hard thing to pull off.
    Awesome bike.