Saturday, 19 December 2009

Gotta love flames, right?

Yes you's another from the bastardos archives. What to say on this one? It's got the look of a Tommy Summers piece about it, and if you've heard of him, you may proceed to the top of the 'klass'. We won't talk about the fact he built Prince's bike in Purple Rain (NOOOO!), but he is one of the world's leading customisers of 70s-style Jap chops, which essentially means cb750s. Check out his site at
Want ghetto lace jobs with heatwrap zorsts and worn out bates seats? ooz axing? All the other sites have got them...only LOS BASTARDOS brings you the cutting edge of late 80s styling. We will shortly be bringing the 'fat tyre and beach bars' look back into vogue. South Coast massive, peace out me bredren.

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  1. Mark my words, front number plates will be back next!