Tuesday, 8 December 2009

Keep on keepin' on

That, peoples, is the level of class you can expect from los bastardos clubhouse. The defence rests.

So, another year drags to a timely end, and as Lennon said, 'it's getting better, it can't get no worse' (life or the blog, I hear you say). I've had to re-evaluate the daily status of the bastardos blog. The 'mission statement' of regular mini-project features, blow-by-blow how-tos and pictorial accounts of our ongoing projects may have to take a back seat, because quite frankly, the projects are on the back burner. That's just how it is, those of you with kids, aspirations and mortgages can all appreciate this, I'm sure. Cop out? I guess..but sell out, no freakin' way. Dazzer's merc hopefully will be bagged, my sporty given further tokyo-treatment, the triumph generally rebuilt, the plans are all well afoot, and personally I can't wait to get turning spanners, and henceforth takin' a few snaps too, and sharing 'em with you lot out there.

Pause for breath...and a new paragraph...I'm going to keep the site going with some of my favourite bike shots and stuff I like. So, check in from time to time...I'll be keeping on trying to raise the blog profile (social networking, ya see...) Hopefully Dazzer too is going to start contributing too, watch out world! The winter will be spent catching up with some of the other guys, stocking up with material, and keeping it real for 2010.

Keep on keepin' on.

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