Thursday, 3 December 2009

Story of the blues pt1

Well, I did say I'd put up some details, so for those of you with a little time on your hands...witness my '89 Sportster, all 883cc of it, after it received the treatment earlier this year. For now, let me share a few details about how she WAS; probably the cheapest running sporty in the UK, 7 previous owners and lovingly driven into by what Yanks call a 'soccer mom in a MPV' in a pub car park. On the plus side, it was kinda kool for a sporty...chain drive with a four-speed, tasty avon ditchmaster up front, and a few decent chrome bits, like Zodiac forwards, and some stainless cables. The rest was falling fast out the ugly plant... Halfords finest met red spraybomb, and deluxe rear carrier, saddlebag supports, with just about everything on the money side dinged by 'mom'. Oh yeah, and RIDICULOUS 'fatboy' type bars, you know the type that make riding a motorcycle not unlike pushing a wheelbarrow up a wet path. Add rusty stock rubbish in the areas of pipes, shocks, indicators, and a lifetime of neglect to all the ally, and you should be getting the picture. Turning that POS into what you see before took a couple of weeks, plenty of ebaying, and full abuse of bastardos privileges. Stay tuned...

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