Tuesday, 4 May 2010

back to the mid 90s, bastardos style

I dread to think what was on the stereo- the offspring or some similar nonsense. Let me take you back to a time when no-one knew what the internet was, 'old school' was a term you'd mostly hear in hip hop circles, and the Discovery channel actually showed documentaries. Reassuringly, then as now, our football team was complete shit yet everyone thought we'd win the world cup.

Enough of that. This little beauty had just rolled out of my shed (well, mostly various other people's, to be honest), and life was good. If it looks familiar, I've shown some shots of a later makeover, but this is how I did it up 1st. This was actually the most reliable it ever was, with stock carbs, points, custom airbox and a laser 4:1 pipe.

Remember, round this time, all the mags seemed to feature were GSXR nutter chops with 3-spokes and drag bars- streetfighters were everywhere. So, I rest my case that hardtails, sprung seats and kickers have always done it for me!

Notice the bud can catchtank. Notice the orange paint done in my mrs' greenhouse. And also, you shouldn't really take photos into sunlight, but sometime they come out really nice. I miss that old girl, that's for sure.

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