Saturday, 15 May 2010

hard to handle

my 1st hardtail. scored this off a dude at work who'd a kent HA hangaround, big cliff. he'd gone on to a shovel, and kind of neglected this 750 SOHC. When he built this, the honda was the bike to chop- it was very much of its time, which ain't such a good thing when the time in question is the early 80s. There was some great moulding on the frame- or some dodgy-looking welds, depending how you look at it- and a great patina when it was in this state. i couldn't stand that pink tho', that's for sure.

basically stock front frame loop with weld-on rigid, 21'' front hoop and half the 'custom fasteners' catalogue bolted to it. leaked oil like a mexican pipeline.

i learnt an awful lot doing this project. sadly, most was how not to do things.

stay tuned for some shots of how it turned out.

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