Friday, 7 May 2010

wot's black, skinny, and needs wiring?

As hoped, here's some more shots ofTrawler's outstanding shovel project. He's sent us a spec sheet and a few words, so over to the man for the 'thankyous'...
'Benny Thomas for all the help and welds. Zippy for getting stuck in, Ian at 2nd City Customs for the wiring and engine check overs and Flakey Dave who understood my paint ideas perfectly . Lastly my cool wife Joanne for totally understanding my obsessive compulsive disorder with motorsickles'.
This bike's got so many neat touches, but still looks tough as a pitbull with issues. So much of this style you just don't see on British-built bikes. I'm lovin' that tokyo-style flipped rear guard, skinny firestones and alien tank; those window bars get the nod too.
Engine-wise, it's pure S&S Shovel goodness with original harley shovelhead tops, the seat's by Motheroad customs and thank god it's skinny, cos anything else woulda been so wrong. Check the brasswork on the pushrod covers- that's sum handmade japanese sheet right there- and more brass touches on risers, pegs and other bits. Headlight's worth a mention- everyone's seen a 5 1/2'' bates style before, but this one rocks a VW tribar bejewelled with a flawless emerald. Bling! Pipes are a neat custom touch too, made by Benny with hotrod ripple tube, coated heat resisto black, brass tips by Lowbrow Kustoms. Unique is the word, I think, and ain't that what it's all about? Sure, you can see a lot of influences on this ride, but it's all been put together in a really individual way. Dust off that trophy shelf bruv, you're gonna need some more space.

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