Thursday, 19 August 2010


Well, after something of a summer break, LOS BASTARDOS is back to intrude further on your lives in a totally unnecessary way.

I managed to unload a bunch of pix off my phone, and I can safely say most are better than this lot. I took these after a nice ride back in June when there was still an orange thing in the sky. The idea was to catch an idea of the simple pleasures of biking, but I guess I didn't quite hit the mark! Suffice to say, there hasn't been too much riding since, smoking barrels and all, and no time to fix the fucker.

And Trawler...I gotta tell you the story of LOS BASTARDOS LONG RIDE. Man, we lost a lot of brothers that day. The road was hungry and then some. It's a mother load of white line fever from Boscome East to Southbourne, let me tell you, but the BASTARDOS were up to the challenge. I had to cradle a brother where he fell.

Whatever, stay tuned, cos we're back in business..see ya round!

1 comment:

  1. Bastardos ride hard and long.
    Some of the potholes in Bournemouth could swallow a man!