Saturday, 28 August 2010

no more! more pix from the battz open day. I can hear the collective sigh of relief already from all 3 of you. Well, not quite all finished- here's a 1200 sporty from Southampton's Attitude customs, which some of you may know as Si Harris, a well-known dude in the bike-building world. As for this one, which was up for 6 large, it's ok I guess: I saw another of his round at my parts supplier the other day which was WAY better than this, got pix natch, stay posted cos this other one's a cracker.

Sadly, as to the first pic, some fucka was trying to take the piss out of the event with a silly blue joke bike parked outside. To make matters worse, he even crashed the bastardos aftershow party. No class! We never made it out of the A-shar valley back in '68 to take this shit, no way mofo.


  1. Hey... When I come to Southbourne I'm like a One man Hollister/ Sturgis circa 1955.

  2. you found it then trawler....