Monday, 26 April 2010

crazy man crazy

crazy orange, geddit? more from my fave pacific chop shop. Hows this for a work in progress?

One of the guys from DicE commented on Greasy Kulture the other day on how a lot of vintage chopper gear is ending up in Japan- good or bad? His point was that at least these builders USE it- ride in all weathers, turn spanners every day, and fabricate amazing stuff out of parts you've seen a zillion times before. A-fuckin'-men to that.

This neat xs650 is a case in point. When did you last see a sportster tank done like that? How many hours to get that right? And how about peashooters on a chopper? surely not- but this looks so right.

drum brakes and kickers rule.

check back 2moro to see what's on the bastardos radar when i really ought to be working.

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