Friday, 30 April 2010

sumfin for the weekend, sir?

surely not- we're actually bringing you some shots of one of our OWN projects. 'bout time something got done in the shed. even if it is a caravan.

well, if you're gonna have a charabang, you might has well make it double-kool super
elvis-style, like filler's airstream right here. these things are something else, pure riveted aluminium like a bloody great cigar box. it's pretty smart inside too, got big sofas, a corner bath and comfortable shitter to read dice on too.

i took these shots cos darren had an old codger down to fit some whitewall trims to the tyres last week. that's the machine in the 3rd shot, it slowly rotates the wheel while the operator grinds all the lettering and marks off the sidewall. the whitewall itself is molten white rubber that dries soon as it hits the tyre. darren wasn't best pleased, but he is a man of high standards- i think they look great. check out the hubs too, just had a nice deep red squirt job from a geezer in Verwood. that last sentence sounds a bit perverse.

there's a lot going on in the clubhouse at the mo, the merc's receiving the airbag treatment. as all things, that's easier said than done. we'll bring you some before and after shots soon as.

that's yer lot, i'm away for the weekend, bastardos out.

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  1. Dazzz cool tin trailer!!saw u pulling it the other day!!!!u gota get that Ledsled pulling it though!!!will have to pop down n c u guys!!Laterzz