Sunday, 11 April 2010

lowrider tommy

I got to know LRT, aka lowrider tommy, via Hondachopper 10 years or so back. He's one of the best guys in the motorcycle world, period. One of the US's most prolific and innovative chop builders for 30 odd years, there wasn't anything he wouldn't do to help his fellow honda chop builders out, and as about the only guy who dealt in them til they got popular, that was quite a big deal.
We won't mention building Prince's bike in Purple Rain movie. Every one makes the odd regrettable decision!
check his site out,, if you want to see some great art and great bikes. That's where I thieved these from, I'll bring you some more in the future.
Just out of interest, I have an inkling the prism tank in the last shot may well have a lot to do with the church of choppers crew. The flamed red tank -I think- was featured in the Tim Remus book, 'How to build a cheap chopper'. Though to me, that looks anything but cheap. Check out that honda motor in the top pic- how's that for detail? Not sure if that's a ARD magneto hanging out the side, whatever, it looks killer, you gotta love that 70s engraving.

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