Tuesday, 6 April 2010

Some post-easter musings

and a bit of eye candy for ya.

well, that went quick, didn't it? i'm gutted i missed wheels day, sounds like a load of fun was had by all. i'd have driven 2 hours in the rain just to hear guy deliver the bastardos battle cry...blood in blood out...that's where our new line in the box comes from, in case you were wondering.
with the club plaque held high, that's gotta be a bastardos ritual for the future.

and the legendary '1 for big ern' is a complete lashup on my part. i was sure ern told me he was a Santa Pod regular round about the same time I used to go, apparently i am completely mistaken. this only leads me once again to doubt what conversations i have actually had with people. at least on the blog i got proof.

had a beer with filler yesterday, put the world to rights and bench-raced like you do.

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