Saturday, 24 April 2010

HAGONS and other stuff

well, the good lady's been down to halfords and bought me some autosol... so i've been giving some 'rub love', and figured it was high time to get another shot of my evo xl up on the blog.

gotta love hagons- when I was kid 1st getting bikes, every brit and ageing japper seemed to be sporting a pair. Probably because they're cheap, look okay and work well, everyone from despatch riders to classic codgers uses 'em. Personally I was well chuffed that almost the precise sum i raised from egaying the disgraceful luggage racks, wide bars etc covered these beauties. they not only lower the bike about 3'', they also seem to work a whole lot better than the stock bedsprings. that ain't saying much, to be honest.

when i bought this bike, initial inspection suggested new rims, chain and sprockets were on the shopping list- few hours' elbow grease revealled my 'raw material' was actually pretty presentable. result!

chainguards are crap, aren't they? and i am led to believe, neither a legal nor MOT requirement.

and zodiac shorty mufflers are wicked, cheap and loud.

on another note, watch this space sos some of the bastardos have been getting busy lately.

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