Tuesday, 1 June 2010


Ok Ok so I havent put much time in for a while and have been letting SEB aka THE LAWMAN carry all the weight.But I can live with that.
The Mercury airbagging project is well under way thanks to my mate Flander (The airbag Yoda).Only a few problems with the wrong bits getting set over from the good old U.S of A. I would have been on the road last week ready to showcase the Bournemouth Ink tattoo convension if it wasnt for those DAMN YANKS ! But thats always how it goes when you need something to a deadline.Anyway it'll get there soon enough now theres no rush.

This is Flanders daily driver.......SWEEEET.

Right Im off to collect an Airstream from the docks if anyone is interested ? Let me know and I'll send you some pics.

Whats the difference between PMT and BSE ?

One attacks the cows brain and sends it fucking mental and the other is some kind of farming problem.


  1. Its no wonder they got your parts wrong its the wrong sort of Merc!

  2. Aaah here he is the comedy genius.So how are ya then Tarzan ?

  3. All good. somebody had to say it Merc-Merc. See what I did there, eh, eh?

    Have you been down Boscombe to get the Burgers and sausages for my arrival later this month!