Saturday, 19 June 2010


thanks to trawler for this shot- it's filler's mercury at wheels day. check the bastardos plaque proudly displayed (proper fixing to come soon!) more to the point said merc is now dropped and ridin' on compressed air...literally. too kool for school, daddy-o. we'll get some proper pix up soon as we can, believe, this mod has TRANSFORMED this car from a mellow stocker to a badass gansta rocker. i guess you can't go wrong lowerering any vehicle (unless it's a period gasser, of course).

on a less impressive note, i managed to track down a new lens for my limpdick light- no need to make up a new ring to hold it, it fits just so, and even harley vibes ain't gonna move it. love an easy fix, right?

can't believe it's battz next week. well fired up for it. gonna have some good times. i just seen their new shop, it really is smart. see ya there?

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