Thursday, 17 June 2010


More stolen pix. And no, you should definitely NOT put wide billet rims and low profiles on a tri-chevy or any other fine car(or motorcycle). But this art is pretty nice, huh?

On a separate note, how do you like the new look on the blog? The sign-in page has been nagging about these new design templates, so I thought I'd give this one a go. Makes a change, if nothing else.

Filler's merc should be fully air-bagged up by the end of today, as with all these projects, they always take longer and cost more than you plan for. Who'd be a gearhead? I'm fucked, between that and my rediscovered Unofficial England Supporter status, I got no chance. Had a chuckle the other day, heard a guy on TV talking about watching England with his 8-year old son, and described it as a 'grieving process'. That's about right- but tonight I'm down the pub.

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