Wednesday, 16 June 2010


as promised, here's some more of Rich's Thruxton. He was gonna buy a z750(new one), I take the credit for twisting his arm and getting something that'd suit his rocker style a whole lot better.

As I said, he's done a fair bit to his ride, all outside his gaff by his own hand. Mods include drilled main jets, pod filters and new carb support for the intake, and a tidy pair of Hyde pipes to get it running as strong as a proper cafe should. He tells me he's been stopped by every different unit of rozzers in the Met, and all they wanna know is what pipes he runs to get it sounding so sweet!

Elsewhere, the crowning glory is of course that manx-style tank with monza filler, coupled with a cut-down Scrambler seat and tail unit. I'd say any cafe needs the hump, but knowing Rich, he needs somewhere to carry his gear, cos like I said, this thing gets used a whole lot. Check too those Norton fork gaitors, polished stuff, bar end mirrors and a load of other neat touches.

Thought I'd better say, here at Bastardos we have a LOT of love for the Meriden Triumphs- Dazzer's got a wicked springer'd Bonneville chopper- but the new ones are OK too, if ya give 'em the 'treatment'. And Rich's is treated just fine. Nice work mate, see ya down the Ace!

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