Wednesday, 1 September 2010

'B52 baby, way up in the sky...

...come drop your lovin' on me, child...' great protest lyrics from The Cult there. if only bin laden had been listening to 'Electric' instead of watching Arsenal in the 80s, how different the world might have been.

Anyway, in a brief departure, every chopper nut's gotta have a bit of a thing for military hardware, right? And it don't get much harder than this here Avro Vulcan, snapped by yours truly as it left Bournemouth airport the other day. I was at work and just passing, and got the shot on my crumby phone while matey i was working with couldn't get his iPhone to work.

normal service will resume shortly!


  1. remember these when i was a kid on Plymouth Hoe airday. Fuck me it was loud!

  2. Bollocks when you were a kid it would have been the Wright brothers.