Sunday, 5 September 2010


Now I cant stand trikes at the best of times,so i tried to be open minded and think that it takes all sorts.But I couldnt convince myself that so im sticking with the "I hate trikes" angle and this works just fine for me. But then this fella comes a long........hmmm its not a trike so i guess he's in the clear for that crime against humanity.Now ive ridden a quad and managed to crash it in the first 5 seconds of opening it up.That my friends was a laugh.So quads can be cool as long as they are in a field .
To tell the truth the more I look at this photo the more its growing on me.I think the Gringo riding this spazchariot kind of sets it off .So im going to cut him some slack ....especially as he's just delivering my Peyote.Once he's gone i'll just go back to calling him a retard.


  1. thats amazing,, i had to jack that pic from ya

  2. The only drugs you get delivered are the blue stiffners you get of the internet!

  3. Yea whats the story with those blue fuckers ? Theyre bloody uncomfortable to get down the end .Ive had to poke them down with a rusty coat hanger.Well I didnt HAVE too.