Sunday, 5 September 2010

this'll put you off yer roast dinner

Thanks to my better half for finding and scanning these dodgy shots of my dodgy past; you may have seen the one of me on the yellow bike before, this is at least the right size this time. The bike actually belongs to a friend who lives in New Mexico (where this shot was of the best motorcycle trips I've ever had!) and is an original Amen Saviour frame, 6'' over front end, and honda SOHC 750 motor, all built and wired by the man himself. Excuse the daft bandana, that sun was so hot you could have cooked breakfast on my forehead. The 2nd shot is in more characteristic English drizzle, me trying to look like a gangster and failing miserably.

STOP PRESS oh yes, I have the shots of filler's new project flathead, it a rocker and a shocker, stay tuned for more on this motor, believe me it's gonna be one of the best in the UK.

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