Monday, 6 September 2010

detroit's finest

A coupla nice motors from the Leeds Castle classic car show.

FILLER ENGINE UPDATE- I may have got a little carried away when I posted that his new motor could be one of the best in the country...trouble is, like with every crazed dictator, you gotta tell 'em what they wanna hear, else they get unstable. Darren wanted to me to put the record straight, it is gonna be a great engine, but just a real nice, homebuilt gearhead sidevalve in the proper club style.


  1. Dictatorship yea I like the sound of that.You can never have enough goosesteping in my book.From now on it would be nice if you clicked your heels when ever you come in.

    P.S Mate those car are so textbook.........ok you can have the Mustang,but the '57 geeeez its like a postcard for the states.Is this what its come too.I must have a dig around and come back with what we really should be promoting round here.

  2. no-one's stoppin' ya bro!

    and you missed the alloys on the chev? you're slipping, mate, you could have destroyed me on that one.

  3. No I didnt miss them.......youve made me too weak to comment ! I think im going to cry.