Monday, 13 September 2010

Dazzer's 'Trike of the Day' #2

Seein' as Darren is clearly a high-grade connoisseur of the third wheel brotherhood, this one's for you, my bro. This dude has got it goin' on! Everything about him just screams BAD MUTHA. With this kind of class, he wouldn't even have to prospect for LOS BASTARDOS, it's straight to the top table and no mistake.

I want that hat, and it's true- you can never have too much denim.

Respect, bruv!


  1. I think Darren is trying to tell us something. He is getting a light blue fibreglass trike of the spacker variety and he will be starting his new job selling the Bournemouth Echo on street corners!

  2. Anyway its more of a duck egg blue.