Saturday, 20 November 2010


Fucking computers playing up !
Right lads here you go ,Im selling my '52 PAN engine with title. Correct cam cover,complete (carb,intake and that) apart from the misplaced pistons ha ha yea great ! They can be gotten easy enough.Everything is cool with it. I might put it on ebay at some point but I thought i'd offer it to you lot first. Seens we all like the same shit and that.
If you are serious then let me know. You can be that man with this motherfucking Pan. You dig ?
I was walking through Tescos the other day when this blonde came up to me and said "youre the father of one of my children !". "Shit" i said "youre not one of those dirty whores I shagged a year ago are you ? I was doing coke of your tits while the other one jabbed me in the arse with that cucumber ". "eeer no Im your son's teacher" .

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