Sunday, 14 November 2010


The more I look at this the more I dig it. Showing a nice bit of patina too.Always a fan of that. If you know anything about this ride let us know ? Or if its yours give yourself a pat on the back, cos we at LOS BASTARDOS love it.

The Police came to my door today holding a photograph of my Mrs. " Is this your wife ?" They asked. A little shocked I said "yes". They said "Im affraid it looks like she's been hit by a car". "Yes I know but shes great with the kids".


  1. Filler thats the slippery eel made by Pontus a friend of mine & when i say made i mean made, he fabbed 80% of the Bike , the Paint job was done by Spray Gun Pete ,the Bike was built last winter, you gotta see this bike in the flesh to understand how awesome the skills are that went into making it.

  2. Nice one Pontus it fucking rocks.How about sorting us out with a better photo ? i'd love get a proper look at her. It speaks to me.
    Thanks Paulie