Friday, 5 November 2010


Right FILLER here,there are going to be a few changes on the LOS BASTARDOS blog. First off SEB no longer wishes to contribute to the blog.So I think I talk for everyone in saying thank you for your massive contribution.I would also like to stress that SEB is not responsible for any further comments made on this blog and has nothing to do with future posts or points of view .
1. This site is posted by BIKERS, RODDERS and PEOPLE WITH MENTAL HEALTH ISSUES. It is meant soley for BIKERS, RODDERS,PEOPLE WITH MENTAL HEALTH ISSUES and other PEOPLE WHO GENERALLY DONT GIVE A SHIT ABOUT ANYTHING. So just to be clear its NOT meant for wifes,kids or the overly sensitive and easily offended individuals.
2. There will be regular amounts of swearing. As used in the real world, like on building sites, garages, workshops and pubs.Man talk. For example (bollocks ,shit ,fuck and soapy tit wank). I write as I talk a spade is a spade.
3. Offensive jokes i'd say thats a big YES. We'll pretty much laugh at anything.Often the cruder the better.Piss taking is a big part of the LOS BASTARDOS. We love to take the piss and feel free to take the piss out of us. Its only fair. We're only having a laugh so dont cry. You big fucking girl.
4. Nudity.........fuck yea, i love all that shit. We got red blood in our vains and we hope you do too. So a little FOO FOO appreciation never hurt anyone.

Right ive already had enough of writing rules.....I dont follow rules ,rules are shit. i couldnt give a fuck what THE MAN says i'll ride and drive as fast as I like, talk shit with my mates and laugh my arse off.It makes for good living.
So basically if you have a life and arent easily offended by the written word then you are more than welcome to join us. If not then PLEASE dont go on any further.SERIOUSLY this isnt meant for you.
A wise man once told me "Its all just a laugh and doesnt mean shit". Can you dig ?


  1. Shit...There goes the neighbourhood..

    Glad to see the "Les Batersby" Blog ain't going down in a ball of flames..

    love from us all at the "stockings" xx

    Rock n fuckin roll mate!!!

  2. You got that right Steve mate ROCK N FUCKIN ROLL. Rock n fucking roll.
    Ere while we're at it .....3 window '32 ! Getting abit above your station arent ya.
    Respect as always the BATERSBYS x

  3. Lezzer Fanny Batter-tardos.

    Good on yer Darren.
    and Seb i know you still read this.
    Love you too and see ya at the next Bournemouth event

  4. Hahaha.....Yeah bud, should be good, Got a nice motor for it too!!! the roadster might have to go though mate, so could be up for sale soon..

    Keep up the good work x

  5. I see you have a content warning slapped on this blog.
    Well done, ive always wanted one of them!

  6. thats jus fuckin handy,not only do i get fish for breakfast now i get him on the web as well

  7. RULE#5 I forgot to say I also have a soft spot for SWASTIKAS. It doesnt mean im going to fire up the shower block or anything. Shit just looks cooler with one.