Tuesday, 30 November 2010


Dont you just love it when you get home from a shit day at work and theres a parcel waiting for you ? I hooked myself up with these two pairs of front 45 fin Buick brakes. They look the nuts and I was lucky to get them. I paid the fucking bloke over 3 months ago for these babies and I think he was trying to pull a fast one on me. Weak excuses ,emails ignored you know the scene.In the end managed to trick his number out of him by pretending to be someone else ! Yea fucking great. Still got them in the end. Should be interesting getting them to fit on the back. Ive come across something special for the backing plates.Bit cut cutting and shutting. They'll look mental but wont stop for shit. But hey style costs.

An old lady was sitting with her husband when all of a sudden she parps up " You know what dear,I think my tits are hotter now than they were 30 years ago". The husband goes "You silly cow thats cos ones in your tea and the others in your fucking porridge".


  1. B.E.A.utifulllllllll....nice one Filler, bloody darn sight cheaper than the 1200 quid for a front set up from so-cal too....I hate you !! xx

  2. Thanks Steve for that declaration of HATE. I am returning the hatred over your '32 mate.
    The bloke who I got them off has a whole scrap yard full purely of early Buicks.He has loads of 45 and 90 finned brakes.He was a pain but I did get them in the end and we left on good terms. If you want some I can put you on to him.
    Ive also found some finned backing plates that will fit them !!! So serve me up a extra big helping of the HATRED please.