Saturday, 3 July 2010


Is this some kind of sick joke ? Are you really telling me that your come back to my SUPER SWEET '70's SURF VAN is that yellow crime to mankind ? Please remind me why I hang out with you again ? It must be my need to help the retarded.MAN ! Its a gay colour,its WAY too shinie and it has billet wheels.The only time you'd drive this is when youre on your way to Brakeback mountain you fag.Have you not learnt anything.Get out of the '90's.Ok so you want to play the gay C10,well my friend thats fine with me but I might just have to slap you back in the face with a c10 of my own.A fraction of the price but infinately cooler

Mate I bet there still cow shit in the back.You just dont get it do you.Now go have a good long hard look at your self in the mirror,youre not only letting us down but mostly your letting yourself down.Frankly its sad..........and its your round.So get your money out and get down the offies.


  1. had one of these last year!!!woz slammed and with black center lines!!!!! 7.2 diesel!!!!gota love the slammed truck!!!!!!!!good to meet u the other day man!!!jess

  2. Aaaah mate yea good to see you too Geeza.Man you missed an excellent after party.Cracking live music,booze,fire,choppers,sleds,good company,all in the clubhouse.That weekend is now definately going to be the LOS BASTARDOS annual Barbie.Next year Im going to sweet talk that Burlesque singer to work her magic.
    Get your HAYRIDE ticket sorted out,you'd love it.
    Mate you got to come over for a pint.

  3. Yeah man! a cold beer sounds good!!! am off to France tomorrow!!4am start!back friday!need to talk to Daz as iam shipping an old 1969 guzzi back from Cali!!!i wana c if he use,s the same shipper?? catch up soono man!!laterz

  4. o yeah i have a couple pic,s of my old truck etc!! have u an email address?? as i dont no how to send them on here?????? laterzzz

  5. Yea mate its Let me know about the shipping and if can help me old mucha.