Thursday, 29 July 2010

excess all areas

Well, having had a top end strip last year and been given a clean bill of health, my sporty has taken a white-smoke oil-in-exhaust flavoured dump. 'kin harleys. What to do? In my experience you can strip and rebuild to your heart's content, but if you don't really know what yer doing, you're pissing in the wind. And paying out x hundred quid for a pro fix is out of my student budget, that's for sure. I'll have a word with my engine guy and see what he thinks. So...and this is just a thought...the fucka may be heading to ebay soon, and profits re-invested in a xs650. I figure if one of those gets a rebuild, it'll be a whole lot more reliable, and anyway, I've always liked 'em, they're a classic chop motor and look great. Drum brakes and kickers rule. Here's a few from a random google search, absolutely no marks if you spotted the hinckley bonneville that slipped past the radar.


  1. maybe valve guide seals.... its not too expensive to sort..apparently

  2. right on bruv- you've inspired me...will spend a few quid on a compression tester, gaskets and oil and at least have a go. it'll be either head gasket, bores/ new ringsrings, or valve seals/ valve 'job'(new valves and recut seats). worth javing a try b4 throwing in the towel!