Thursday, 1 July 2010

dream on

my wish list is as ever in a state of perpetual motion, and one set of wheels I need in my non-existent garage is one o' these, a good old chevy suburban. Perfect for getting the rugrats on board for cruisin' and all round fun.
I found this one on ebay USA, and tho' it's a little shiny, is definitely a nice example. That 3/4 angle shot is the nuts, ain't it? I could just see this baby on airbags, flat black with a silver flake roof panel, baby moons with piecrust cokers, an' a warm 350 under the hood...hmm good.
oh yeah, and a 'los bastardos' plaque hanging off the back.


  1. yeh mate, 16 large and its yours, on ebay right now...a little beyond my budget.